Questions answered!

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the great feedback on my blogs, I really appreciate it!

There have been some questions that NESTA feel would be beneficial to share with all of the participants of the neighbourhood Challenge so here goes my attempt at answering them, hope you find it useful:

Whats been going well so far and why? So far through the challenge the one thing that I think has really been successful is the relationship building. Speke is an area where most people drive through or around without actually taking note of what is going on there. It has also been filled with false promise which has created a generational apathy towards new organisations coming into the area.

 However in the short period of time that I have been going out into the local community of Speke I have actually discovered  that if you are persistent, sincere and transparent they will  welcome you with open arms. This is the response that I have had over recent weeks and I can honestly say for an area tackling so many issues I have met some of THE most genuine and inspirational people. There are some really driven members of the community and they work tirelessly to make improvements where they can, there is also a long-term agenda that is apparent and although this could potentially take years to put in place it will also eradicate many of the issues that have been passed on through generations. I did have spells throughout the challenge when I thought that potentially I had bitten off more than I could chew but as the weeks are passing me by I feel more and more confident that this challenge can prove to be a real success in Speke.


What are the most challenging things you’ve faced so far and why? I’d say the biggest challenge we have faced is actually getting to grips with the delivery of the ‘Prize Challenge’  model, being a grant maker gave us many advantages  but also it hindered our ability to just let go because we are so used to processes such as set criteria, safeguarding and reducing risks. However with the ‘Prize Challenge’ it was completely different it was a chance for real innovation and empowerment with CFM acting entirely as a supportive role to enable a catalyst to form and flourish. Much to our joy I think we have the perfect balance and  there is a real buzz around the challenge and the prospects it can bring to Speke.

Initially going into an area that doesn’t even apply for grants let alone know what a Prize Challenge is was very difficult therefore we had to be very careful in the language that we used to promote it, a lot of people would have either thought it was joke or been put off at the thought of a competition as it were.

How have the Community been involved in the project set up so far? The community of  Speke has helped in various ways, such as advising on the things that they would like the prize challenge to impact, completing surveys, volunteering their friends and families to complete surveys, helping to promote the challenge through word of mouth and generally just supporting CFM as we are the ones that have come to their area they never approached us for this challenge.

Has anything surprising happened, within or around your project so far? In honesty every day that I am working on the challenge I am surprised(cliché I know!) but whether it be through people’s dedication, thoughts and ideas or just even their current work and achievements in the area. This aside I would say that originally the portrayal/perception/opinion of the area suggested that the prize challenge would never be a success, however as we have progressed the ideas and projects that have come forward have been astounding, there are good people trying to make a real difference. I’m sure each participant in the challenge will agree that it people’s willingness and commitment that continues to surprise us.

Well I do hope this has shed a bit of insight into the challenges we have faced, if you do have any questions then feel free to blog them!




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