News Flash!

There are some brilliant things coming out in Speke recently potentially 100 jobs for residents of Speke have been secured through a major development called Dobbies Garden Centre, which will be located on Speke Boulevard.

There is also potential for a community allotment to be created on the Old Boys Clubs which was burnt to the ground some years ago but has  remained vacant.

This is something that there has been a real interest in for some time in Speke as I have mentioned in my earlier blogs. It will be a way for families to provide fresh nutritious food at low-cost, whilst gaining new skills. Which potentially fits in with the above news of a garden centre opening , maybe a golden opportunity for some goodies to be donated as a welcome into the community of Speke?????


When we began our blog training through Talk about Local it became apparent that it could be used as a tool to advertise, talk, share and also challenge.

William Perrin is the founder of Talk about Local and here is his story:

Community activist and former civil servant, despite a deeply rural upbringing I lived for ten of the last 15 years in London’s troubled Kings Cross district.  The problems on my doorstep were so profound I got stuck into community action and eventually set up a website to keep track of what was going on  The site now has over 1100 articles, five volunteer writers and is an indispensable part of the local civic scene.  We used the site to help fight some great campaigns, improve the area and help people connect with each other – what the wonks call ‘bridging social capital’. I set up Talk About Local to help spread the benefits of a good, simple, cheap community site to as many areas as possible.  My civil service career was fantastically varied – from the DTI to Downing Street.  As one of the creators of OFCOM I remain interested in the media regulation scene and the big society agenda.

This was really inspirational to me and so I decided to set up this is a Blog that is for the community of Speke. This could be their tool to engage with the local authorities to advertise their activities, to address the issues in the area. We have been so busy the past couple of months with just trying to get the challenge into full swing so the community blog has been slightly neglected however I will be recruiting some community members to take ownership of the Blog and I am going to be asking all of the local businesses, groups, councillors and service providers to become involved and start sharing their information. This is a really exciting aspect of the challenge and if it succeeds could see changes just like William, fingers crossed!!

So if you are interested then please visit Speke’s blog, dont you know……..its the future!


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  1. Posted by chris neill on January 20, 2015 at 11:50 am

    What is the progress with this proposed scheme?????


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