And the Winners Are…….

We finally held the first round of judging on the 15th of December and I must say it was a complete success!! Out of  the 12 projects that entered the judges decided to fund 11. They were really impressed by the amount of innovation each project had shown and the support each person was willing to offer the community in one way or another was amazing.

The winners are:

The Post Natal Depression Project ran by the Leeson Centre awarded £2500.00

Speke, Garston Handball Club awarded £2500.00

The Growing Old Together Project awarded £2500.00

Five Seasons Dads Group awarded £2500.00

Beat Abuse awarded £2500.00

Attitude Drama awarded £2500.00

The Parent Hub awarded £2500.00

Speke Adventure Playground, locally known as the Venny awarded £2500.00

Speke Catholic Youth Service awarded £2500.00

Speke Baptist Church awarded £2500.00

Ready Steady School awarded £2500.00

and only one application was declined which was a shame but the judges felt that the application was not in keeping with the Neighbourhood Challenge or the criteria set by the community, although they applicant will still be offered support and sign posted to other agencies who may be able to help so it isn’t all bad news. Now it is time for the hard work to begin….each project will begin making their projects become reality and working towards the main  prize of £20,000.00. I have more details about the groups and what they are are about if anyone else is interested.

We at the Community Foundation will support each project with training requests, attending board meetings, getting bank accounts set up etc luckily the majority of our groups are now constituted since joining the challenge or well on their way at least. We have also requested some training from NESTA so fingers crossed this is approved and we can put  information and support into the community of Speke empowering them and their resources to continue the hard work once the challenge finishes in the Spring.

There have been some real successes coming out of the projects, some have  exceeded any expectations and people are actually starting to work together, projects are working with each other and information sharing …this to me is THE most exciting thing, when I arrived in Speke it was so fragmented, people did know each other and on the odd occasion projects may be shared between services but these are real collaboration attempts, friendships and partnership are being built which will go some way to adding to their sustainability I’m sure.

I will keep you posted with any new news and I will also share some pics and case studies over the coming months……..


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